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The Will to Power
The Will to Power thumbnail
The Will to Power Good deadlifting music! Favorite track: Flammen im Vakuum.
Ippocalyptica thumbnail
Ippocalyptica Do you like Nordjevel? You should, and if you do, then you will love Krater, which is very much rooted in the same style. This is mostly straightforward and consonant black metal played at blistering tempos with tremolo galore, yet with a healthy dose of death metal riffs for added aggression and annihilation. There is little to no fucking around to be had over here, so jump aboard and get carried away to Elysium by this extreme metal freight train! Favorite track: Bury the light.
frostkrieg thumbnail
frostkrieg Mit das beste Vinyl in meiner Sammlung 😍😍😍 und die ist nicht klein 😁. Weiterso 😎💪
Argo van Bart
Argo van Bart thumbnail
Argo van Bart One of the best releases in 2016. Furious Black Metal in it's purest form. From the beginning to the end it grabs you completely by the throat and won't let go anymore. If this is what's black metal is about than I am addicted!! Favorite track: Antivists.
Bernhard Birnbaum
Bernhard Birnbaum thumbnail
Bernhard Birnbaum Great Furious Black Metal from Germany, highly recommend it. Favorite track: Flammen im Vakuum.
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Initiation 01:32
Non Serviam 06:17
NON SERVIAM Dort wo das Licht vergeht, kläffen rasende Chimären, keifen wilde Geister, abstrus amorpher Gestalt. Abstoßende Krüppelklauen, rammten Gift mir in den Geist. Ein säuregetränkter Virus, aus dem Geschwür der Nekrose entweicht. Während mein Leib zerfällt, die Ketten mein Skelett zermahlen, der Urin das Fieber nährt, atme ich den Knochenstaub. Ein Leichenfeuer ward entfacht, die Luft schwefelgeweiht. Bin Opfergabe, die Flamme, dieser Zeremonie. In des Rituals Ekstase, press ich das Gift mir aus den Narben, ich bin das Auge des Orkans, die letzte Pandemie! Nun da ich auf den Wellen des Acheron treibe, beschwöre ich die schäumende Gischt des Willens. Non Serviam, Non Serviam, Non Serviam! NON SERVIAM!
BURY THE LIGHT These blind white eyes, see the future, through the crippled, folded hands. As my blood, hits the blazing dust, her trembling shroud, frightfully chants. Black - was never dark enough! Eternity - only a prison to destroy! Morbid voices whispering, out of my inner crypts. Bury the light! Hang the dawn! Bury the light! Bury the light! Rise! With the will to destroy! To create the ultimate void! Towards the center of the black hole, where cosmic rules collapse. This is the grave for the sun! Celebrate the funeral of stars!
FLAMMEN IM VAKUUM Wie viele Schläge verbleiben deinem Herz noch? Erneut ward dir ein Atemzug gestohlen! Wie viel Gift kann dein Körper noch ertragen? Ein jeder Pulsschlag geleitet dich näher zu den Toten. Verblendet gleich einem Mottenschwarm, drängt ihr euch um das verheißungsvolle Licht. Doch bis auf den gefräßigen Flammentod, erleuchtet es euch nicht! Totgeburten! So nenne ich sie, eure „kostbaren“ Gedanken. Mit jedem Herzschlag ergießt sich das Leben ins Nichts. Wir atmen - wir ersticken - wie Flammen im Vakuum! Diese Welt ist nur ein Krematorium! Im Scherbenrausch der Verblendung! Aus seiner fahlen Asche erhebt sich einzig von Kälte entstellter Hass! Mit dem letzten Atem grollt mein spöttisches Versprechen, dass knirschend aus mir strömt... Giftgas werde ich sein in euren Lungen! Giftgas werde ich sein in euren Lungen!
Antivists 03:19
ANTIVISTS We hate this goddamn planet and the filthy human race. It’s time to set this world ablaze. This is what we call grace. The source of our hatred is your disgusting existence. Until you don’t breathe anymore our language is violence. There is nothing inside us, except coldness and hate. The first thing you will lose is your ridiculous faith. There is no forgiveness, only devouring revenge. Watch the blade of the beast killing your weak resistance. On knees you beg for mercy, but we spit in your face. The blade decapitates your child. Fuck you, human race! Our time of pleasure, is your endless suffering. This face is the last you see, as your body is shivering. Where is your fucking god, when his house is tumbling? We have the burning will to desecrate everything! We spit on your corpse, we piss on your grave, just to dig you out again and feed your carcass to the rats. We are the Antivists! We are here to destroy! Everything you ever loved will die on blood soaked soil! We are the Antivists! We are the Antivists! ANTIVISTS!
VEXILLUM LUCIFERI Where flames rise you’ll find salvation. Follow the path to your self-immolation. Enter the portal of hungry fires. Inhale the furious shining ghost. Since this heart started beating, the beast is burning inside. The last human shred faded away. Never shall my shell be human anymore! Incinerate this glaring skin. Rip off the mask of innocence. Not a single shriek will leave my mouth. This vicious tongue only speaks with fire! Look closely into my blazing eyes and enter the cult of fire! Receive his key! Repeat his words! I see the world burn and I set it ablaze! The sign of triumph is your burning shell!
HUNGER OF ROPES In this catacombs of bones where death was never the end. We can walk through the lifeless and see behind their pathetic mask. Deluded sheep try to be severe wolfs. But their necks intonate a symphony of perdition. We cultivate the ultimate affliction and plant it into your lacerated veins. Exhale the visions the virus gifted you! Bless the world with your relentless poison! Hear them cracking, in the mist of the dungeons… There is no way to appease the hunger of ropes!
Nerven-Gift! 05:50
NERVEN-GIFT! Verfluchter Geist gib endlich Ruh! Flüsterst nächtlich mit sinistrer Zunge. Malst mit morbider Leichtigkeit, Schemen aus zerfetzten Gedankenleichen! Dornenranken bohren sich durch meinen Schädel Nacht für Nacht. Wahnbilder und Vernunft ermorden sich lüstern in der Schlacht. Stehlen möchte ich mich von diesen Momenten! So fern wie möglich sein vom wachen Geist! Es ist die Sucht nach der Dämmerung. Wir betäuben uns um zu erblinden, um die Stimmen in uns verstummen zu lassen, und suhlen uns doch in diesen so weltlichen Untergängen. Wir leeren die Flaschen in grimmiger Stille, konsumieren Substanzen im Dämmerlicht, mit der Gewissheit, dass wir uns schaden, uns’re Lebenszeit zu Grabe tragen. Mehr Gift! Mehr Gift für die Nerven! Mehr Gift! Mehr Gift! Noch etwas Gift für die Gedanken. Schreite tiefer in die Dunkelheit. Bis wir auf ewig allen Fesseln entsagen. Dass Körper und Geist sind nur noch taub. Wir stoßen an auf den Untergang, mit dem Genuss am zelebrierten Schmerz. Reicht uns mehr der Narkotika, bis es schweigt dieses ruheloses Herz. Mehr Gift! Mehr Gift für die Nervenstränge! Mehr Gift! Mehr Gift!
Lust to burn 02:59
LUST TO BURN This is my last ritual, a sacrifice and a testament. Oh feel my ravenous lust to burn! These raging flames shall set the end! It’s my eternal urge to burn, to set this mortal shell an fire! Oh I have to pass the entrance, now that I'm closer to death. Enlighten the flame to erase, to erase any future breath! Rise within the pitch black smoke, ride fiercely through the nightly sky, follow the dreadful glowing sparks, which emerge out of my frenzied eyes... Rise! Rise! Rise!


After the highly acclaimed "Nocebo“, Krater started a new era in the history of the band expanding limits to enrich both atmosphere and power in their music.

"Urere“ explores the extremes of metal in diverse directions without straying away from its Black Metal roots dealing with parts of Black, Death, and Doom Metal in its full potential.

Graced by a potent production and driven by superior force this 10 track sonic assault leaves an evident trace that Krater is stronger and more ferocious than ever.


released February 26, 2016

Recorded 2013-2015. Mixed & mastered 2015 by Patrick W. Engel at Temple of Disharmony ( Guitar re-amping 2015 by Lars Lüttge in Deadlight studio. Cover by Vinsterwân.


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KRATER Germany

Since 2004 KRATER released 2 demos, splits and 4 albums but it wasn't before their 2nd album “NOCEBO” until the band achieved wider success in magazines and high regard from the media, something the band was able to grow with the follow-up album 'URERE' from 2016. The latest album 'VENENARE' sees the band to once again display their vicious power and rigorous melody wrapped in their own dark mold. ... more


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